2019 FSA Membership Information

Member Glider Rental Cost (prorated): 

Grob Twin Astir: $20/hr
Blanik L-23: $20/hr
Schweitzer SGS 2--33: $15/hr
Schweitzer SGS 1-26: $15/hr
B4: $15/hr

When the conditions permit extended flights, the maximum flight time when another member is waiting is 1 hour, otherwise there is no limit. 


Member Instruction Cost: 

Free (No charge) 


Member Aero Tow Costs: 

Pattern Tow $35
2k Tow: $45
3k Tow: $50
4k Tow: $60
5k Tow: $70
6k Tow: $80
Rope Break: $25


Visiting Glider Pilots: 

Visiting glider pilots who own their own glider can join as a tow-only weekend member.  Visiting members may be required to take an orientation flight with an approved instructor.  Maximum of 2 weekend memberships per season allowed. 

Visiting Weekend Member: $15


2019 FSA Club Dues and Fees: 

Common Member Dues (Yearly): $400
Common Member Stock Fee (Once): $250
Fee payable in 2 installments, 50% first year, 50% second year  
Youth Member Dues (Yearly): $200
Tow Pilot/Instructor Dues (Yearly): $200
We are also offering prospective (new to FSA) instructors and tow pilots a initial years membership at no cost. Also, scheduled DO's that actually show up for their duty day and submit legible logs within 5 days of their duty day receive credit for a 3k tow.  
SSA Fees: $72


Membership Application Forms  (pdf files): 

New Membership