Aircraft Fleet

Grob 103 Twin Astir (1)
2 Seat High Performance Glider
Schweitzer SGS 2-33
Schweitzer SGS 2-33 (1)
2 Seat Training Glider
B4 Glider
B4 Glider (1)
Single Seat Glider
Super Blanik L-23 Glider
Super Blanik L-23 Glider (1)
Two Seat Glider
L-19 Bird Dog
L-19 Bird Dog (1)
Tow Plane
Aircraft Flight Manuals

These flight manuals do not contain actual Weight & Balance data specific to our aircraft and are for reference and educational purposes only.
Please use the actual aircraft manuals and/or placards to obtain data for flight planning purposes.


Flight Manual - Grob 103

Flight Manual - SGS-2-33

Flight Manual - SGS-1-26

Flight Manual - Blanik L23

Flight Manual - L23 118BB-POH

Flight Manual - Pilatus B4